How to overcome the forgot password Facebook

Facebook Login normally locked even blocked because your account is suspected by the facebook, there was an unnatural habits. That?, So a lot of the cause, here I will discuss a few are important. The tips below are not copy and paste, this personal experience, since I too often asked to help friends to solve FB login problems.

0. When you are having problems forgot password / FB password, you ignore the instructions given by the facebook. And you keep trying to enter multiple passwords that you can remember.

1. You posted flood or flooding status of others in excess, such as comments and the like. Usually this kind of thing happens when you use bots facebook application.

2. You often mutually device and often forget to log ut facebook. They mean the device you use to access facebook, such a device and a computer.

3. The existence of many parties to report your FB account to the facebook, especially in the case of misuse (abuse).

4. The presence of others who are trying to steal your fb account, the term hack facebook. This happens due to your own mistakes, you are letting others know your email or you are caught in a trap hackers.

5. You often mutually IP Address (ip address), and severe if you do not logut facebook first.

Then how do I open a facebook account locked error?, Generally when you log in, you will be redirected to the facebook checkpoint. For more details, look under the complete tutorial with pictures.

Surely you already know the name facebook, I'm sure. Facebook entry must have an account and enter a password first. But you never forget pasword? Usually if you do not understand the system in this way, surely you guys do is make back the name facebook.
Well here I will explain the procedure to the problem of forgetting the password via a mobile phone.

If you want to login but it comes out like this

So this way
1. click forgot password / forgot your password

2. see the picture

Click reset password

There is no number for your phone or email if the number, you will be automatically sms from * alien * The numbers given in the form of code numbers as well and if your emails, then quickly fast you login your email either on gmail or yahoo, ymail, rocketmail. And please note that the code after the code can be a number to See number 3

3. enter the code as shown

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