Gift for valentine in age dating

February is my favorite month. Why? Because of the Month this February there are three things that appeal to me. First, because February is the month of my birth, aliases in this month 'my birthday'. Second, the day is quite shorter than other months, namely 28/29 days. And third, it was Valentine's Day. Yes .., at least reminds me of the time when I saw a lot of young couples in celebrating valentine. It seems in this month many couples on a romantic surprise

Previously, those who are still confused that what Valentine's Day? I think Valentine's is a day of love. Where each couple will celebrate Valentine's Day by giving a gift as a form to declare his love. Actually, to express love is not always as Valentine, but it could be anytime. Because based on their origins, the 14th of February has been set as the day of Valentine. Besides Valentine's Day has been around since the first, and until now the western countries (the majority) quite appreciate Valentine's Day.

Since shortly valentine, for you who want to prepare gifts for loved ones, I try to love some gifts as an option that you can consider for valentine's day.

Greeting Cards

Just a greeting card?! Make no mistake .. If you are giving a unique valentine greeting cards, the card it could be a sign of the eyes is very meaningful to him.


Roses symbolize love has meaning and beauty. So by giving roses could make him smile .. It might even be a talkative boyfriend said something while pinching your cheeks, "Oh .., so sweet ..". Especially if you give it enough surprises.

Mini Cake / Chocolate

Although it looks like a mini cake or chocolate gifts on valentine's day is common, but by giving his favorite chocolate, at least you have proven that you care with him. In addition, you can eat chocolate with her.


Dolls, pillows, or ring. Anyway unique knick knacks that if only he could use, or on display in his room. By giving these gifts, you have tried to help me to always be there in his memory. Because if you choose accessories / knick knacks right, then surely these gifts will he display in his room. Happens when I saw those gifts, he immediately remember with you ..

But in general Valentine gifts can be given to anyone who does not have to be given to your boyfriend. Here are tips on courtship gifts by age:

Less than 3 Months
If you are a spouse who was only less than 3 months, you should give gifts that are more casual. Because excessive gifts can backfire for you if it turns out you actually feel your girlfriend too crazy about him in this short period of time. Casual stuff related to his favorite everything it will provide a lasting impression for your partner.

3-6 Months
At times like this it seems a bit hard to find gifts for a girlfriend because although it has long impressed officially as a couple, in fact you are still getting to know each other. Under these conditions, it would be very good if you do or make something creative relating to hobbies or your girlfriend's favorite things.

7-11 Months
In this period, generally you begin a serious relationship and a growing number are awakened memories of you both. Therefore, the appropriate gift for a girlfriend in this condition is a thing that can be enjoyed and remembered in passing both a romantic Valentine's Day.

1-2 Years
Pair at this stage generally will enter a long-term commitment to the zone. You can give the gift of a creative thing that shows how deep you are familiar with your partner during this or anything to remind her about the fun times that have passed along.

More than 2 Years
In this period you might say easily that you have run out of gift ideas for boyfriend and no new things you can do. However, in this period, it is your opportunity to introduce new things.

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